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Mauricio Bomfim was born in 1978 in the state of Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil. He began his career as a store manager in the furniture business, commanding a network in the greater Belo Horizonte area, in which he worked in the furniture curatorship and all the image and layout of the stores.

Graduated in Interior Design, in 2014 he left for solo flight and founded MB Studio Design. The office works in the development of projects in the most diverse areas - interior design and architecture, residential, commercial and product design - always with an eye in tune with the best in national and international design and art. For Mauricio, a good project cannot lack an interactive relationship with the client, full of affection, humor and observation.

His career as a furniture designer began in 2018, when he received an invitation from Fábrica Destack Móveis to sign a furniture line. The vast collection highlights wood as a raw material and is made up of armchairs, benches, sideboards and side tables. In 2019, the line was launched at the largest furniture fair in Latin America, Abimad.

With the great success of this fair, Mauricio was invited by Feeling Estofados to join their team of designers. The first collection was launched at the Abimad fair in July 2019. Today, Maurício is the main designer of the brand and has just launched the Veredas Series, a collection that finds inspiration in the Cerrado for its exclusive and authorial design.

Maurício Bomfim

furniture designer

Balneário Camboriú

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